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acheter ou louer un yacht de luxe

mydreamboat est un site de présentation de bateaux neufs et de bateaux d’occasion mis en vente. vous pouvez acheter un yacht de luxe via le site myboatdream.com  plus d’info ici Notre réseau nous permet d’intervenir sur une large zone géographique pour proposer les meilleures sélections du moment. Notre compétence s’étend de la Floride à l’Italie en passant par la France, l’Espagne et les zones Caraïbes.

Nous proposons également une gamme de bateaux à usages professionnels qui s’étend du domaine récréationnel professionnel comme les bateaux de plongée sous marine ou les bateaux de parachute ascensionnel au domaine de surveillance, de secours et de servitude comme gardes-côtes, navire de surveillance et d’interception, navires de secours  et navire pour station pilote

Nous accompagnons nos clients de la commande à la livraison. Nous assistons et contrôlons les fabrications et les certifications tels que RinaBureau Veritas Nous fournissons les services de dédouanements, de transports maritimes  ainsi que les immatriculations aux registres navals .

nous prenons en charge la gestion de votre yacht. Nous vous aidons à sélectionner un capitaine diplômé et un équipage pour prendre soin de votre yacht. Si vous désirez proposer votre yacht au charter, nous en assurons la gestion ainsi qu’une large diffusion afin de le rentabiliser au maximum.

acheter un yacht de luxe


Vous avez de l’argent ? Vous vous posez la question de pouvoir acheter un yacht de luxe. Ils sont le  transport de luxe de millionnaires et milliardaires préféré pour les vacances sur la côte. Il en coûte beaucoup d’argent. Un yacht de luxe fait partie du haut de la liste des 10 plus chers actifs d’achats. Et il n’y a pas que l’achat du yacht en matière de dépenses, il vient aussi le coût annuel de fonctionnement qui est énorme et qui faut prendre en compte lors de son achat !

 Généralement les yachts qui font de 130 à 140 pieds de longueur ou plus, doit avoir un équipage professionnel à temps plein, appréciés pour le plaisir ou l’exploitation commerciale, les coûts de fonctionnement peuvent varier considérablement.

house renovation

What is the typical desire which motivates folks to enhance earnings? Undoubtedly, to live a comfortable life in a lush home with a mood of opulence all around.So they intend

at furnishing their nest in a fashion that would certainly establish it besides the relaxes. A ranch home could be the ultimate graphic make-over of a property. A cattle ranch home is simpleness at its finest. It is a one-storey building in a stunning background. This specific type of property serves two functions at the exact same time: it amounts to the elegance of your home as well as takes care of the energy facet as well. However prior to establishing a property, one needs to know why they requires a cattle ranch home as well as if it is necessary or not.Before going deep right into the details, the keynote of cattle ranch residence as well as its remodelling should appear sufficient. The necessary parts of a cattle ranch house are numerous bedrooms, cooking location, bathroom, a drawing area and areas for guests. Cellar as well as conjoined parking lot with an entry into cooking area are various other fundamental attributes of this kind. So, if you intend to restore a cattle ranch home, fence the balcony, add a gallery or erect a partition to separate a large area as well as you are sorted.Before venturing you should be concentrated regarding your need from this makeover. Its single intention must not be simply to enhance your house yet also to use the area effectively and also boosting it. A little preparing beforehand aids a great deal. You could begin with tracking down the disadvantages of the prevailing residence and also remedy it as quickly as feasible. A wooden deck or something one-of-a-kind could be added to suit the remainder of the decoration. Also a new as well as additional structure can be included in the primary one. Yet it needs to be in accordance with the design of the rest of the residence and also serve the objective of spending complimentary time.Even if you are happy with the appearance, space improvement might be a requirement.

During that case an added library or bedroom could be spaced out. It will certainly alter the outside look also. It will be good change for the restoration. If the preparation does not drop well with the here and now interior due area deficiency, the storage could be divided to enhance the area.The general use of cellar is that of a warehouse, launderette as well as warm water tank. If you bordered it with walls with adequate area spared, the extra area could be transformed right into youngsters’s game room or for relaxation of your whole family members. So, the ranch house raises the worth as well as energy of the house.Harry Blackwell has been an avid design lover for years. You can read his evaluations on Curtains & Drapes, as well as pointers on how to select from luxury and also discount rate curtains. More information

Equipe pro de rénovation construction maison bois


entreprise de renovation construction pas cher maison bois en France 

If you have a long visit intended ahead in Paris, then it is better to select holiday accommodations in an appartement a louer Paris compared to a normal resort. Hotels are pricey and there are many different rules that have to be followed when utilizing their solutions whereas staying in a home will certainly let you experience the ultimate Paris vacation. You will certainly not feel like a guest throughout your remain, but as an alternative much more like an actual Parisian.

maison en bois cle en main tout compris pas cher

Paris Address is a helpful device when trying to locate the very best Paris houses. Spécialiste constructeur maison bois contemporaine individuelle paca var. Sort apartments expert en rénovation  based on expense, convenient place, and also the amenities that you require during your visit. You will certainly receive details pertaining to your stay with specifics so you will know precisely what you will acquire. Locating an apartment takes a few minutes as a result of this easy-to-navigate website. You will discover information regarding each apartment?s home furnishings and also devices, along with the apartment?s proximity to historical websites and also transport. Count on the French for their hospitality; opt to stay in an appartement a louer Paris and also really feel secure on your holiday.

You must remain in Paris apartments instead of in hotels and resorts due to added space as well as personal privacy. If you have chosen to stay in Paris for a longer amount of time, a home will certainly minimize your lodging prices. You additionally have access to your very own kitchen area room, which conserves you money on the cost of eating in restaurants every evening. Entirely, you will certainly seem like you go to house when you choose to remain in a home. You can appreciate several of the most historic as well as stunning sights of the city from your home while having quick and also easy access to the city?s main attractions.

Paris houses are located in all the very best places such as Auteuil-Passy, Bastille, Batignolles, Champs Elys es, Ch telet, Ile Saint-Louis, Louvre, Marais, Montmartre, Montorgueil, Montparnasse, Notre-Dame, Op ra, Porte de Versailles, Quartier Latin, R publique, St Germain des Public relations s, Tour-Eiffel, Buttes-Aux-Cailles, and also much more. Locating the appartement a louer Paris that is right for you is trouble complimentary.

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Paris Address is committed to make your stay one of the most satisfying encounter possible. You will certainly have simple and delightful time in an appartement a louer Paris in any of the areas you could decide to remain. Apart from making the reservation procedure simpler, they also take care of any difficulties that you could encounter during your keep, which is an exceptional service of Paris Address. The gesture is more than just a professional politeness; it is the sort of hospitality the French satisfaction themselves on. Check out www.parisaddress.com for more details.


electricien disponible sur paris

Electrienfrance.com/electricien paris 9

Those holidaying in electricien Paris 10 et ici  would certainly not intend to leave this exciting city without a visit to the spell-binding Disneyland Paris.This globe distinguished, leisure hotel lies to the eastern suburban areas of Paris in the magnificent Marne-la-Vall e. The vacation hotel exists 32 kilometres from the heart of Paris as well as consist of 2 appealing theme parks, an entertainment area and also 7 attractive Disney-owned hotels.Disneyland Paris opened its entrances for public entertainment on April 12, 1992

and also was already just the 2nd Disneyland resort started outside of the United States. It is determined that in 2008, Disneyland Paris brought in a staggering 15.3 million site visitors, thus making it among the most gone to visitor attractions in the whole of Europe.Occupying a substantial 140 acres, Disneyland Paris is the largest Disney Park based upon the initial style in America. Couple of years later, Walt Disney Studios Park opened on March 16, 2002 with a massive 270,000 square metres.Disneyland Paris is an ideal place for family members to unwind, delight in and also witness the magical marvels of this wonderful as well as distinct amusement park.

It is an area for mommies, dads, teens and even young children. The park is open throughout the year be it wintertime, spring, summertime or fall. This incredible recreational resort is well hooked up as well as visitors which should make their Disneyland dream become a reality could conveniently get a train, plane, automobile or ferry ride directly from Paris.Visitors are offered the opportunity to choose from a selection of tour bundles. There are additionally customised plans


that include occasions such as having a meal with Mickey Mouse or any other very much enjoyed Disney Personality. There are also unique birthday event packages and the chance to take an image with your most favourite Disney Character.There is always something new as well as interesting occurring at Disneyland Paris. So in order to enjoy these memorable tour visitors can easily board in

at a close-by Hotels and resort in Paris such as Millennium Hotel Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Trouver un electricien a Paris 10


Expertise on plastic surgery for treating obesity




body mass index [BMI], between 25.0-29.9 , and obesity (BMI, >30.0) (both henceforth called “overweight”) are highly prevalent in Western populations. According to obesity in America statistics nearly two-thirds of US adults and 60% of Australians are overweight, and increasing trends are apparent throughout the world. There is definitely a relationship between obesity and increased mortality and adverse health outcomes, including coronary heart disease (CHD).


In a large meta-analysis, involving 302 296 participants from 21 prospective cohort studies worldwide and 18 000 CHD events during follow- up, a 5-unit increment in BMI was associated with a 29% increase in risk of CHD and, after additional adjustment for blood pressure and cholesterol levels, with a 16% increased risk. Hence, that study indicated that adverse effects of overweight on blood pressure and cholesterol levels could account for about 45% of the increased risk of CHD, and that there is still a significantly over  risk of CHD that is not dependent of these effects.  One of the most important results of the obesity in America statistics was the finding of a stratified positive bond in obesity and overweight condition,  with the incidence of acute brain stroke. Correlation Based on pooling the estimates of risk, overweight and obese individuals had, respectively, 22% and 64% greater probability of an ischemic stroke compared with normal-weight population. The relationship was not significantly different in men and women, and did not differ in correlation with the blood pressure average values of the populations examined or to the length of follow-up. By contrast, the geographical origin of the study population appeared to be an important heterogeneous factor with the expression of excess BMI being more significant in Europe  and United States population cohorts but not in Asian populations, which had a low prevalence of obesity. The association between excess of BMI and rate of hemorrhagic brain accident was much lower and was only significant for the obese population.



According to latest obesity in America statistics


Eight out of ten people in the US over 25 years old are overweight,

  • 58 million people are overweight,
  • 40 million have a BMI over 30 (Obesity), and 3 million over 40 (morbid obesity)
  • 78% of all the people in the US do not get the basic activity level recommendations,
  • 25% are completely sedentary.


Obesity in America statistics also show increase in certain diseases among overweight and obese people:

  • There has been a 76% increase in Type II diabetes, the type associated with obesity, in adults 30-40 years old since 1990,
  • Heart disease is 70% related to obesity,
  • Colon as well as breast cancer is found in 42% of obese people,
  • As WebMD describes, « Someone who is 40% overweight is twice as likely to die prematurely as is an average-weight person. »
  • 30% of surgery for gall bladder is related to obesity and 26% of people with high blood pressure.
  • Children obesity in America statistics is even scarier. In 1982 only 4% of children were overweight; in 2001 it is 25% of white children and 33% of African American and Hispanic children. The hospital costs solely related to childhood obesity went from $35 million in 1979 to $127 million in 1999. Also, there has been an enormous surge in type II diabetes associated with obesity in children. These statistics come from Wellness International Network Ltd.


  1. . Remember, fewer than 1% of obesity cases occur from genetic, environmental or hormonal factors. So most cases of obesity are related with less activity and unbalanced eating.
  2. Morbid obesity is defined as a BMI –Body Mass Index- over 40, and an healthy one is supposed to be in between 18.5 and 25. Obesity starts over 30.



  1. A 1998 panel report conducted by the Institute of National Heart, Lung and Blood   as part of the Obesity Education Program  found that obesity « is also associated with complications for pregnant mothers , menstrual regularity, esthetic disorders as hair growth, disorder stress management, and psychological impairments as depression. »


According to the Medical College of Wisconsin’s HealthLink website, and the obesity in America statistics the term « obese » is defining someone who is 20% heavier than his or her ideal profil … » and build, age and height are the most commonly used factors to determine the ideal one. Your ideal weight can be calculated as below:


To find out your BMI, divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters, squared. For example, a 1.85-meter-tall person who weighs 120 kilograms would divide 180 by 3.7 (1.85 meters squared), giving a body mass index of just over 32, which falls into the morbidly obese category.
One pound equals 2.2 kilograms. 0.025 meters corresponds to one inch. Many websites  will do the work for you.
United States measurements can be calculated using either feet or inches and pound values. To calculate your BMI in U.S. value, follow that algorithm (pounds x 703)/inches squared.


  • Body Types :

There are also different types of risks involved with different body shapes and the locations where a person carries weight. When weight is expressed in the belly, the related risks are not the same than those  holding weight in the buttocks. The WebMD conclusion: « Population whose fat is concentrated around their stomachs may be at greater risk for cardio-vascular diseases, insulin dysregulation and tumors than a population with the same weight who is « pear-shaped » (they carry their weight in their hips and buttocks). »

  • Just being slightly overweight can adversely affect these. The higher is the BMI, the higher the risks are.
  • In 2008, The Toronto Star published an article showing how obesity in America statistics was reaching dangerous levels, concluding that « …obesity is becoming one of the worst most severe public- health problem. »  Putting a country at danger for medico-economic crisis: the worst enemy is not outside but inside the country, meaning fast food!


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Heart Disease

If you are obese then most likely you have high levels of cholesterol as well as saturated fats in your blood which can cause your arteries to become blocked or narrow. This can result in high blood pressure, hardened arteries, heart disease and stroke.


Chances are that your pH levels are also out of balance and you have a high level of acids in your blood and body. An acidic environment is an invitation for cells to mutate and become cancerous. Thus if you lose weight with healthy foods then you can bring your pH back into balance and eliminate the risk of cancer ( kidneys, colon, skin tumors…)

Memory Loss

As already mentioned, obesity can contribute to the narrowing of the arteries. This restricts your blood flow to all the parts of your body including your brain. Blood contains oxygen, and when your brain is deprived of oxygen it cannot function properly, and thus it results in memory loss and other dementia.



The risk of diabetes is also increased as you gain weight. This is due to the fact that when you are obese your body is unable to use the insulin the way that it should and as a result your body becomes insulin resistance.


Depression can result from not having enough energy, and feeling physically down. It can also be a result from the low self-esteem that is often associated with being overweight


Joint disorders:

Gonarthrosis which can cause knee pains and difficulties to walk and bring to knee prosthesis replacement


  • Most bariatric surgery patients have a BMI over 40. Surgery is one of the treatments to treat morbid states, though. A healthy diet with regular sport will eventually eliminate fat. Determination and honesty are needed but even though sometimes it’s not enough. Eating in a healthy way and doing some sport five days a week does nothing for fat loss if someone consumes 10.000 calories over the end of the week, that’s true! Combining such way of life with the right supplements can definitely help in your battle.
  • Expert Insight

The best way to stop morbid obesity and improve obesity in America statistics   is to avoid it to occur. Make a habit to improve your way of eating and exercise as regular as possible. Acting that way will prevent the Kg’s from growing up and the BMI reading from rising. Different types of additional solutions can be implemented with those basics, like taking some diet supplements, doing some “brain fitness” through different kind of hypnosis and binaural brain stimulations that will bring and improve the important aspect of motivation and changing bad habits.

Behavioral is like a program fixed in our brain, and to change the program you have to change the coding of it, in a progressive way, cause a sudden change of brain program can impact negatively the related emotions and bring depression. Those innovative brain wave treatments could bring many benefits to obesity in America statistics.

There are massive benefits to losing some pounds, according to WebMD. Even a  small loss can help, « …even a slightly weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds can bring significant health care, such as improving your blood pressure and  LDL lipids results. » Fat loss can also prevent such as diabetic condition and blood glucose to rise. A weight loss of just 10% can lower the risks of all of these diseases significantly. Other benefits of weight loss are positive effect on tiredness, improvement of mental health, and reduced or eliminated sleep apnea and snoring.

Plastic surgery for cure?

plastic surgery can be some help in order to treat obesity but it cant be the only way to treat it. bariatic bypass surgery and http://chirurgienesthetiquefrance.com/liposuccionbordeaux/ are the main  treatment that can be done, the first treatment can prevent gaining some weight after losing it and the second might be more for aesthetic confort, when someone might have lost some weight and keep some aesthetic « belly » losen skin. You can find more info about it at